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Not only will you get access to ALL the education you need to spot and trade these stocks that can go 300%, 600% or even 1,000% in a day like…

>> AERC for a 939% gain

>> EVFM for a 366% gain

>> DUO for a 1,257% gain

But you’ll also get alerts sent to you via text and/or email (your choice) when we see the next Supernova forming.

We usually see about 3-5 Supernovas occur each month.

So chances are the next one is just days away (or could happen right after you sign up, it just depends).

The point is: you don’t want to miss these!

Here’s the deal…

If you put this off, thinking you’ll “do it later” you may never do it.

And if you don’t do something now to change your circumstances, when will you?

Remember, if you want to become a profitable trader – someone who can make a living with just a laptop and WiFi connection – then all you need to do is study ONE pattern and ONE type of stock until you know it like the back of your hand.

You can learn other patterns later…

But first focus on your bread-and-butter pattern. One you can rely on to have profitable days, weeks and months so you can build your P&L like these students have:

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel… Study the Same Pattern I’ve Shared with All My Top Students!

I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I can say hands down that the Supernova Pattern is the best pattern to study when you’re trying to make your first million.

That’s why we created Supernova Alerts because this is where you can get the best of both worlds: world-class trading education and alerts on stocks we believe could jump 300%, 600% or even 1,000% in a few days.

Here’s a list of everything you get when you join today…

1. SUPERNOVA ALERTS ($1,997 Value)

Not sure if what you’re seeing is a Supernova or not? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll send you our top Supernova trade alerts as soon as we see them forming.

You’ll get complete trade details, including entry, exit and stop loss price – directly to your inbox, phone or watch. There’s about 3-5 alerts a month on average.



Get instant access to my 13-part Supernova Lessons course where you’ll discover:

  • How to identify Supernovas and how to trade them.

  • Why patience is key to success over time and why waiting for the right setup is better than trying to force a trade.

  • Several examples of real life Supernovas and how me and my students traded them.

This is like stepping into the lab to see how things really work. We’ll dissect the pattern and you’ll start to get a better feel for how Supernovas work out in the wild.


3. HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS ($297 Value)

This on-demand video course is the foundation to everything I teach, which includes over 35 hours of cutting edge trading education where you’ll discover:

  • My unique strategy, rules, and lessons that have made my top students and I millionaires.

  • How to balance long-term goal setting while also embracing the process so you can stay motivated and not give up

  • What it really takes to become a millionaire trader, including the obstacles you’ll face (and the strategies to overcome them)



You’ll also get my 7-Figure Small Account Secrets course. This is for the trader who is starting with an account that’s less than $25,000.

Discover the strategies that work better for smaller accounts. And find out how trading with a smaller account can actually give you an edge with these secrets.



For those eager to hit the ground running there’s a quickstart video where I show you:

  • What lessons to focus on first

  • How to make sure you’re getting the Trade Alerts

  • How to join the private members-only chat room

  • Which broker I recommend getting an account with if you don’t already have one

This will show you everything you need to hit the ground running in your first 30 days!



Connect with millionaire traders, and those working toward their first million, in real-time to get their take on trades and market trends. The chat room is great for:

  • Getting feedback from your peers and moderators on potential trades

  • Connecting with other traders in your local area for meetups

  • Celebrating your wins and learning from your losses

We also have great moderators who are available to answer questions and help make sure the topics stay focused… you’ll see this is not just your typical “chat room.”



This is a comprehensive training on the 7 steps I go through every single time I make a trade. This is the

Rule Book for trading volatile penny stocks. And it’s available on demand day or night. So you can access this, and all the trainings, at any time.



Get one private strategy session with a member of my Challenge team. In your personal session my team will help you evaluate your goals and put together a trading plan.

After you enroll, we’ll email a link where you can select your preferred time and book your own private strategy session with my team.



Plus, when you join today you’ll also get a $200 discount off our next live event which will be in Las Vegas or Miami (we’ll send you the exact details after you enroll).

We have a lot of fun at these events and you’ll learn a lot. I’ve heard story after story of students who said attending one of the live events was a major turning point in their trading career.


“I was making profitable trades within the first week after joining the program.” - Garret S.

This 👆 is why I'm here...

To help you level up like Garrett has and so many other students... to help reduce the steep learning curve that comes with being profitable in the stock market.

I was able to achieve the life I dreamt of... and so have so many of my students. We did it all from day trading and it's my passion in life to help you do the same.

Supernova Alerts is the real deal.

Normally Supernova Alerts is valued at $6,176 for the year. But because you're here ready to take action, I'd like to reward that by offering you the best discount I can.

And because I’m confident this program could change the entire trajectory of your trading career, I’m offering you the chance to get in on this at just $497 a quarter!

That’s a savings of over 68%!

But I'm not sure my team will let me offer the complete program at this price for much longer.

So I urge you not to take this opportunity lightly and get in before we raise the price dramatically.

I fully believe once you join and have the chance to trade all these incredible Supernovas, you’ll never view trading the same way ever again.

To Your Wealth,

Tim Sykes

Founder, Supernova Alerts

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